This is a home-based business
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This is a home-based business
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Today's technology is increasing our exposure to unnatural electromagnetic fields, separating us from the natural world and contributing considerably to modern illnesses. Everyday exposure from wireless technologies, appliances and devices is accumulative and disruptive to our biology.

EarthWaves conduct EMF surveys to detect Radio Frequencies, Electric Fields, Magnetic Fields and Dirty Electricity which are present in every home. We are dedicated to creating safe and healthy environments and offer practical advice for detecting, reducing and removing electro pollution.

Services cover:

- Home and Business
- Atmospheric report on new land development
- Home Pre Inspection and renovations 
- Consultation and support with new home builds
- Advice on location of electrical equipment (solar, heatpumps etc)

EarthWaves also provides limited EMF equipment for detection, filtering and protection.

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