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This is a home-based business
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Annette's Place
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This is a home-based business
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I teach children aged 4 years to 9 years old, who need a bit extra. At Kapiti and Upper Hutt. Some children have a diagnosis but this does not matter as the real question is how does your child learn. If your child is having challenges at school, contact me.
I see children one-on-one, with their parent or caregiver present. I firstly check out the real basics of learning. Skills such as visual scanning, visual discrimination, memory, planning, fine motor skills and more. Then I will teach these things in a fun and positive way. I also foster a child's self esteem and motivation, which affect a child's ability to learn and develop and enjoy life.
I am not following a particular programme. I am using my knowledge from qualifications, study and 30 years of working in a multi-disciplinary team with children with special needs. I teach according to your child's needs.
The child receives at least half an hour of learning with a visual plan on view so the child knows what we are going to do.
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