The Inner Path

This is a home-based business
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The Inner Path
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This is a home-based business
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I support people to transform their lives from traumatized or depressed to fulfilling and happy.
I am an accredited Journey Practitioner. I also have a Social Science degree, am a registered teacher and have worked for 30 years with children with special needs. All this has given me an in-depth knowledge of human development along with realising the effect of the early years on our adult life.
During the past 9 or more years I have helped hundreds of people to let go of the "stuff" they are holding onto, so that they can live more freely and in a way which is true to themselves. Come and lift the burden of life off your shoulders, so that you can enjoy yourself.
This work is natural and safe. It is non-judgemental and completely confidential. I have a lovely room at my home in Kapiti that we meet in. I am willing to meet you first if you wish or have a phone conversation so you can get an idea of whether this is for you. I would be honoured to work with you. I also work via Skype.
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