Becoming Healthy Infant Massage

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Becoming Healthy Infant Massage
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Do you want a loving and respectful way to connect with your baby?

Come and learn how to massage your infant with this amazing 5 week programme.  This International Association of Infant Massage course is a combination of Indian and Swedish Massage Strokes, reflexology and gentle Yoga moves which guides you through a full body massage with your baby.

What are the Benefits of Infant Massage?
- Relaxation for parent & child
- Promotes better sleep patterns
- Helps emotional development through bonding
- May ease discomfort from painful gas, colic & reflux

What parents say:
- 'By massaging my baby after her bath in the evening I've notice an improvement in mood.'
- 'Baby is more calm and used to touch without clothes now.'
- 'Our baby is more relaxed and less windy. It was great being close with baby while just being there in the moment.'

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Classes are run in Kāpiti twice a year and at other centres throughout New Zealand depending on demand.

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I really enjoyed the infant massage class. I found it to be a great way to bond with my son. Yossarian is a fantastic teacher who makes you feel comfortable and relaxed at every class. I have found the massage I give my son really help him, especially when he has wind. Would defiantly recommend this class to other mums.
Reviewed by Steph on 9th March 2018.
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Fantastic teacher, fantastic course! This was one of the highlights of my weeks while I was attending the course. Not only did we learn great massage techniques (which I found to be a beautiful way to bond with my baby) but Yossarian created a warm and inviting environment where we could just be. I would recommend it to anyone looking to learn more about infant massage and for a bit of time out.
Reviewed by Shells on 28th November 2017.
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I really enjoyed the infant massage class. I learnt ways to massage my daughter & how to bond with her. Yossarian is a lovely lady, very friendly & welcoming which made it a lot easier to attend a group setting.
Reviewed by Tabitha on 24th November 2017.
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My son and I attended infant massage in Kaikoura and what a fabulous course to attend, I can not recommend it highly enough to others, Yossarian is simply amazing her beautiful guiding ways make you feel so comfortable and even if your child is having a unsettled day (which they all have) it is no problem to sit back and do whatever you need to do to settle them before starting again. My advice would be not to miss the opportunity to take part xxxx
Reviewed by Abbey on 9th November 2017.
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