Effortless Kitchen Makeovers

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Effortless Kitchen Makeovers
14 Te Roto Dr, Paraparaumu 5032, New Zealand
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1 04 298 3380 | 2 021 505 165 | Website: http://www.orchardjoinery.co.nz/new-kitchens-kapiti
14 Te Roto Dr, Paraparaumu 5032, New Zealand

You don' t have to spend a fortune to make your kitchen look stunning. We can take your tired and worn kitchen and give it new life!

The Effortless Makeover guys have created 4 different ktichen make over options to suit any level of budget. 

Freshen up Are you putting your house on the market, and need to smarten up your kitchen? Then a freshen up where one of our qualified tradesmen come in and make sure all the drawers, hinges and doors are working properly might be what you need. We can also assess other improvements that might be needed. 

Kitchen Pamper Do you have some broken doors, handles and hinges along with other cosmetic issues? Then your kitchen might need to a ktichen pamper, to bring everything back to ship shape. 

Fashion Makeover Is your kitchen outdated, benchtop worn out or damaged damaged?  Then a Fashion Makeover may be what you need. If the (bones) inner cabinets are still in good shape, then we can save you the cost of a complete replacement. 

Extreme Makeover: Are you embrassed to have guest over for dinner? Then bring your kitchen into the 21st Century with an extreme makeover. 

Effortless Kitchen Makeovers is a branch of Orchard Joinery 

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14 Te Roto Dr, Paraparaumu 5032, New Zealand
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