Fats Piano and Specialist Movers

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Fats Piano and Specialist Movers
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Website: fatsboysltd.co.nz
Welcome to Fats Piano and Specialist Movers , In the early 1980’s Peter (Fats) was employed with Modern Carriers Ltd, a house hold removal company situated in Grey Lynn. Modern Carriers was one of a few transporting companies at the time, which offered specialized piano removal services.Peter and work mate, John Atutolu, were assigned specifically as Modern Carriers piano removal specialists. The success of Peter and John’s work was evident with Modern. Carriers securing cartage contracts with two of the major piano companies at the time, that being Atwaters and Piano Traders. The success continued with the increase in music shops and the general public, requesting specifically for Modern Carriers to move their pianos which was a direct result of the reputation that Peter and John were building.

Phone No.: 021 852 915
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