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Stephens Restoration
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At Stephens Restoration we say, don’t replace, restore! Once in a while Wood Furniture restoration Wellington is just a damaged fixtures leg. Speedy-curing adhesives are not appropriate for this type of restore. You’ll want to apply heavy glue. With the broken pieces in location, it's far vital to support the legs and fasten the brackets. Real timber, with a real timber finish, feel and quality can really make a house a home, but has years of wear and tear taken the shine off your surfaces? Reclaim your floor as a feature or make the stair case the centre piece. If you’re in Wellington, whether you’re renovating to sell or settle in; Stephens Restorations can help you with all your timber repair work.

A well-established company, specialising in refinishing and furniture restoration, it has been practicing excellence in cabinet making since 1977. Furniture restorer Wellington usually restores the work of furniture to look like new pieces. Or it even means keeping the furniture functional so it doesn’t get damaged any further. Antique Wood Restoration is a fairly simple process for removing dirt or grime from the surface of furniture. Or, if the furniture is very old and worn, the process may even include rebuilding or replacing parts. We are dedicated to sustainable practices. Taking pride in your work and a sense of job satisfaction comes naturally to finishing any joinery project when you stand back and admire the work you’ve done. But knowing you’ve accomplished it in the most environmentally friendly way possible too is now a bench mark we must all aim for. This includes locally sourcing products and services where available.

Wood furniture restoration can be divided into two general areas: structure and upholstery. The structure is usually related to wood and can be divided into solid, jointed and veneered wood. Furniture covers can be varnished or transparent. Very old or antique furniture can be preserved or restored so that future generations can enjoy it for cultural, educational and personal purposes. Bill Stephens from Stephens Restoration has been in the business for 15 years and in the cabinetmaking trade for over 30 years! As a qualified cabinet maker he has the skills needed to bring life back into your old furniture or to create new wooden furniture to your unique taste.

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