Stephens Restoration

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Stephens Restoration
10 Poole Street, Taita, Lower Hutt 5011, New Zealand
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10 Poole Street, Taita, Lower Hutt 5011, New Zealand
At Stephens Restoration we say, don’t replace, restore! Servicing the local area since 1977

We are dedicated to sustainable practices. Taking pride in your work and a sense of job satisfaction comes naturally to finishing any joinery project when you stand back and admire the work you’ve done. But knowing you’ve accomplished it in the most environmentally friendly way possible too is now a bench mark we must all aim for. This includes locally sourcing products and services where available.

Floors, from repairing old wooden floorboards to the laying of brand new flooring for your home
Repairing, sanding and polishing your floorboards – bringing out the natural colours and tones of the wood
Floor colouring
Your flooring professionals in Wellington, Stephens Restorations can turn your old floor into a work of art. We can help by providing:

Floorboard repairs
Floor colouring
furniture restorer wellington
Floor polishing

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10 Poole Street, Taita, Lower Hutt 5011, New Zealand
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