Pet Loss Support

This is a home-based business
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Pet Loss Support
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This is a home-based business
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Losing a loved pet can feel just as devastating as losing any other member of your family, our sense of loss and grief determined by our relationship and attachment to the animal.

Your pet may have been a part of your life for a long time, older than your children or outlived others close to you. Sometimes the pet can also represent a tie to someone who has died previously so losing your pet and connection can feel like a double loss. If your pet died by someone else’s hand, there is additional grief in that. For someone without close family or friends, a pet can contribute to their well-being in so many ways – companionship, touch, comfort, motivation for fresh air and exercise, caring for someone other than self, perhaps the reason to get out of bed in the morning.  

And so, it is perfectly natural to grieve over and mourn for an animal we have loved and lost, just as we would for someone else we love. The process is the same. 

I hope this validates any loss you might be feeling over a pet and if you would like to talk it over, phone or email me to make a time. I support clients through all kinds of loss, and pets are no exception.

Check out the griefrelief kit, a resource to support you or someone you care about, through any kind of loss, anywhere.
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