Grief Relief Kit

This is a home-based business
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Grief Relief Kit
1 2 3 4 5  (3) Member ratings
This is a home-based business
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The griefrelief kit is a unique, thoughtful and practical New Zealand made resource to support you or someone you care about, who has suffered a loss of any kind, anywhere.

Designed to ground, comfort and uplift you in mind, body and spirit, the kit will help you in the immediate aftermath of loss, during the days, weeks and months that follow, and at significant times thereafter.

This kit offers a safe and natural approach to managing loss and grief and will, I believe, also help those suffering from anxiety and mental distress.

Components include:
• Grief Relief Essential Oil
• Grief Relief Flower Essence
• Grief Relief cards -30 days of grief
• 28-day Journal & pen
• Crystals
• Prayer card
• Gift card
• Information pamphlet

Packed with love in a 100% bio-degradable cardboard box.
Available nationwide
Cost $135 + postage
ORDER online:
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I regularly purchase the Grief Relief essential oil which is part of the kit. I use it in a spray bottle with water as an air freshener. I also put a few drops on a tissue and put it in my pillow slip at night because it helps me to relax and sleep. I would not be without it.
Reviewed by T1629273335493 on 18th August 2021.
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This provided relief when I was anxious and did not want to burden others with my problems. Ideas and thoughts to help and hold onto
Reviewed by T1607107418282 on 10th December 2020.
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Claire's many years of experience and compassion are reflected in this attractive gift box. Its soothing colours, easily followed instructions with tactile applications and practical journaling give strong messages of hope for a better day. A beautiful gift for yourself or others at a so often devastating time.
Reviewed by LeighCook on 1st September 2020.
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