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RELIABLE NZ was established by Andy & Catherine in 2012. As a way of providing New Zealand homes and businesses with a safe, effective, and stylish way to enjoy the natural flow of air and light, without the worry of annoying bugs, dust or peeping eyes looking in.Together, they brought the unique technology from the Taroko Door & Window technologies (which was founded in Taiwan way back in 1987) to the Australian and New Zealand market. These products (known as the Pleated Retractable fly Screen) won the Taiwan Excellence Award for their innovation.RELIABLE Screen Supply Australia franchisee was established in 2015, we wanted to bring our Taiwan Excellence Award products (Pleated Retractable fly Screen) into Australia market, to provide fly screen solution for any types of windows and doors.What makes these screens different is the combination of mesh and shade screens in one system. This is totally different from the traditional fly or fly screen, as it provides an extra layer of privacy and security. This means RELIABLE customers save money, as they don’t have to double up on screens and curtains, instead installing one sleek and stylish option that does it all.Since then, the company has grown to be an innovative manufacturer of screens for all kinds of spaces, including large sliding doors and folding window. RELIABLE provide unique design concepts that allow homeowners, builders, designers, and architects to create a safe, comfortable, harmonious living or working space with plenty of airflow and natural ventilation.
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