Grief Support

This is a home-based business
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Grief Support
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This is a home-based business
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If you need support with loss of any kind, be it loss of life (human or animal), love, livelihood, health, home, or something else, I can help. Location is no barrier, I'm available throughout NZ by phone, Skype or Zoom and in person in the home, community and workplace in the Greater Wellington region.

I work with individuals, families & groups impacted by loss and with those who want a better understanding of grief to support others, be it personal or professional..

Every loss is unique and I respond to the need presented. This may involve listening, questioning, information giving, stories of how others have coped in similar circumstances, normalising thoughts & feelings, finding tools and strategies that will work for you, managing children, adult relationships, work and self while grieving. 

Grief can impact us on multiple levels, inside and out. Call me to see how I can help you..

See griefrelief kit.



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