To be recognised as the region’s leading support network for people who are new to business!


Catchakiwi is a team consisting of positive, successful people who work together to provide a platform for members from which they can access the skill support they need to succeed.

We will always work in co-opetition with all those who believe they are in competition with us.

We are in the business of working together to provide a platform from which members can launch and grow their business by promoting their talents, skills and passion without the pressure of competition.

Catchakiwi members will educate themselves and others from within a fun learning environment and community. Members’ products and services will always be of the highest quality and value for money.

Catchakiwi members will have a desire to help each other to achieve their goals. Members who are forward thinking and willing to learn and grow are encouraged to join us.

Catchakiwi will give people the power to succeed by creating an environment that encourages, supports and nurtures its members. 

Catchakiwi puts you in touch with ordinary New Zealanders with extraordinary skills.

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Proudly Kiwi Owned & Operated
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