Leigh Cook - Reiki
Leigh Cook - Reiki
337 Manly St, Paraparaumu Beach, Paraparaumu 5032, New Zealand
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Is your energy low? Do you feel depressed or over anxious?  Experience a session of Reiki.  As  Universal Life Force Energy flows through your body you will begin to return to your natural healthy and relaxed state.

I have been a Reiki Master for 20 years and experienced many wonderful healings. They include 1st aid situations, soft tissue injuries, broken bones and fractures,colds, flu, viruses and the more serious conditions of MS, strokes, lupus,asthma etc

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 337 Manly St, Paraparaumu Beach, Paraparaumu 5032, New Zealand
Leigh is a truly remarkable person; just being in her presence is uplifting. Leigh's treatments have provided me with spiritual balance, clarity and also relief from muscle pain. I highly recommend that anyone undertake a course of treatment even if they feel that they are 'quite ok right now'.
  Reg22 - September 2015
Leigh and I met 10 years ago when I become interested in Reiki Healing. I started my Reiki journey with a healing session that had powerful effect on my health. I did my Reiki 1 with Leigh soon after and continued to heal. I found that the Reiki and Leigh has helped me with fertility issues I was experiencing and also helped me get my lupus into remission. I am now fully in remission with 3 gogeous kids..I have Leigh to thank for this. Recently I have been working with Leigh on my Reiki Masters. Leigh has been so inspirational, knowledgeable and supportive through out my whole journey. I highly recommend Leigh as a Reiki Healer and Teacher.
  Shannonyoung - June 2015
I had an amazing experience learning about Reiki. Leigh Cook is an excellent teacher with a wealth of fabulous knowledge to share. I would highly recommend her services for Reiki healing and teaching. Thank you Leigh G
  Leigh - March 2015
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