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Who are we?

We are a New Zealand Android App development company based in Wellington, producing a communication app for the entertainment industry.

What is the app?

TEXT A REQUEST is an app developed for Disc Jockeys (DJs), Video Jockey (VJs) and Karaoke Hosts (KJs). 

What does the app do?

There are two versions of the app.

The KARAOKE version of the app allows users to have their own copy of the song book. They can search through and select the song they want to sing and then send their choice by text (sms) message directly to the host. The only information required from the user is the name of the person singing the song. No confusion The Host has the request immediately, can add it into the singing rotation. No more lost bits of paper.

The Event / Club / Pub version of the app allows users to select music from the performers playlist. The user picks the song or video they want to hear, enter their name and an optional dedication, this is sent direct the the DJ. The DJ can review the request and play it when an appropriate opportunity presents itself. 

What are the benefits of the app?

For the User:-

  • Clear communication with the Performer/Host.
  • Access to an up-to-date list of songs/music
  • Interaction with the DJ/Host
  • Messages are in writing and remove confusion.
  • Pro Versions have additional features and remove advertising.

For the DJ / Host:-

  • Interaction with crowd
  • No unplanned interruptions.
  • Karaoke Hosts save money by not having to reprint books after every update.
  • Music requested by Users is only that which DJ / Host has supplied.
  • No obscure requests.
  • Clear legible messages
  • DJ / Host can review messages when not busy mixing or hosting.
  • Apps can be tailored to suit the budget and needs of the DJ / Host.
  • Apps are unique to DJ / Karaoke provider.
  • Personal Branding can be added to the Apps.

Where can I get it?


Download the KARAOKE App from the Google Play Store here TEXT A REQUEST

DJ / Host:-

Email with a brief of your needs.

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An awesome app such an easy way to get music you love to listen to! Well done! This is definitely an app I will be using!
  DebbieFrancis - February 2016
What an amazing app, making use of technology to the fullest, because who doesn't have their phone on them these days?
   Steve - February 2016
Great new concept. No more shouting at the DJ to be heard. Takes music requesting to the next level!
  Rob-SkillMasters - February 2016
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