Becoming Healthy
Becoming Healthy
16 Toroa Rd, Otaihanga, Paraparaumu 5036, New Zealand
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I work with busy people whose health issues and stress levels are stopping them living life fully. 

I support my clients becoming healthy again, empowering them to have control over their lives by reducing stress and gaining balance.

Often the answers we need are within us or right in front of us when we give ourselves the space to see them.  When we work together you will begin to create that space and from that your sense of well-being and balance can grow.

I offer Reflexology, Bach Flowers and Well-being Coaching  as part of my services.  

Your privacy and well-being is my priority during all consultations and treatments.

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 16 Toroa Rd, Otaihanga, Paraparaumu 5036, New Zealand
I have had quite a few wonderful relaxing reflexology sessions with Becoming Healthy. I was able to concentrate on my breathing to enable me to fully relax, there was a little bit of tenderness on the side of my big toes and Yossarian explained exactly what was causing this and how I could fix it. Before undergoing Reflexology I was unaware that many parts of the body have a point of representation on the foot/feet. I was able to ask many questions and receive all the answers from this well educated and well researched professional. I recommend you give reflexology a try to judge for yourself and if you are in the Kapiti region try out Becoming Healthy. Manuka.
  Manuka - February 2016
When I first went to see Yossarian I had many separate health issues that I was trying to treat individually. After only a few sessions I could feel their connection and I started feeling in balance with my body and my health. Reflexology is the most complete relaxing experience I have ever tried and it can take my mind and body to different places. I realise now that frequent visits contribute to my overall feeling of well-being while I'm indulging myself at the same time.
  RenataSpies - February 2016
My first experience with reflexology with Yossarian was wonderful and relaxing. After the second session I noticed a big difference in my personal well-being which lead to me having more sessions and my recommendation to others of this valuable service.
  Yuri35 - January 2016
I have had a few sessions of Reflexology With Becoming Healthy, never had tied it before, and am now addicted. To be honest I never thought it could feel so good to have any attention given to my feet! Yossarian is professional, kind and has a fabulous technique. I highly recommend giving this a go. Its a lovely treat for some time out and a great gift idea for someone with a busy Life.
  Driving101 - January 2016
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