Frequently Asked Questions

What is Catchakiwi?
Catchakiwi is a website that allows the general public to both search for and list services of all types across New Zealand.

Can I list my business?
Absolutely! All our registered members can promote themselves or their business on Catchakiwi. You can sign-up and list your business free of charge, if you are a new home-based business, and it will only take a few minutes.

Membership is open to all New Zealand individuals and their businesses  - so there's no excuse to promote yourself on Catchakiwi.


Why do I have to supply my email address?
For security reasons, we send an activation email to the address you nominate - and you can't complete your registration without clicking the link provided in this email. The Catchakiwi system also notifies you if something important happens (like a problem with your business listing) via your registered email address.

Why have a username?
A feature of Catchakiwi is that it allows the general public to send you as a Catchakiwi business lister a message about your listing, via your username link. When you Sign Up you activate this feature, so the user can only see basic contact details about your listing if you decide this is OK. This improves your security and foils spammers. We don't publish your email anywhere on the site.

Why do you need my 'home region'?
Catchakiwi has several advanced features that are based on this information. For example, some listings are automatically filtered to list from your 'home region' first, instead of the whole of New Zealand.

Help and Support

Do you provide support?
Sure! We have an online support system for enquiries via our Help Centre.

Do you provide telephone support?
Yes, you can ring us on 0800 551 300.

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