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As we brace ourselves in living to another country, we turn ourselves to another life filled of uncertainty. As we face these challenges, our concept of living broadens as well as feelings of homesickness will eventually leave us.

So what are the challenges of moving from one country to another country, like New Zealand to the United States of America?

  1. Excitement becomes a part of you. When you have decided to move abroad, you emotions turn into cocktail which full of learning, improvising and dealing with the unexpected. You are all set to dismiss the routine since you will be facing new habits, new cultures and new people. Starting from the top is scary but it’s worth the ride since you will be beginning to adapt the host country’s culture and life.
  2. It looks the same. Even though you are already living in another country, your life is still changing and moving. You have holidays and family to share your hopes and dreams which is the same as living in your mother country. Every day you keep on struggling with your daily chores same as you have struggled in your previous country. Thus, life won’t stop for you where ever you are.
  3. Language barrier. Communication is essential in order for you to express what you want and understand what they want from you. Learning and studying the country’s common usage of words can be very helpful for you. Keep practicing and over time it will go on naturally.
  4. Taxes and insurances. When you are living in the U.S., you are expected to pay their taxes and make income. You will also need to secure insurances in order for you to avoid any future complications.  Also, paying your bills can be taxing but online pay bills payment is already available for convenience.
  5. Medical. It is important for your family to be aware of the medical services that are available in your community. You also need to know how much they are rated, their quality and type of services they are providing. Moreover, make sure to know how to access prescription medications in case of medical emergencies.
  6. House and Car. Before buying one, make sure to do extensive research and review to be able for you to make a good major purchase. You also need to weigh in the tax and monthly mortgage that you will be paying. Moreover, you may contact experts that may help you decide effectively. Always remember to learn first the culture, customs and business climate in the U.S. before making big purchases.
  7. Safety. Living in another country is not the same as your previous country’s community where you can walk around safely since you already knew the people in your neighborhood. You always need to be careful and trust your instincts. Do not go to bad areas or walk around late at night. Street problems are common in the U.S.
  8. Working and making money. Before moving, always make sure to save money for those months that you will be still searching for work. Do some research where you can work with constant paycheck at low-risk.

Living the American dream is exciting and challenging but before you hurdle the above challenges you still need to embark on the process of moving your things where it is important to contact and utilize the service of the moving company.  A moving company is helpful at this time since they take the burden of your family to pack and load their stuffs and making sure that they arrive safely in your next home. Thus, lessening your family’s stress and worries. 

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Matthew Woodley

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Posted: 7th July 2015
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