Keeping on top of things

Keeping on top of things.

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Our health depends on many things but maybe two of the most important are the body's ability to circulate blood and lymphatic fluid.  The importance of blood you likely know however the Lymphatic system is just as important as it is this system which helps defend the body against disease by clearing waste and toxins, by helping maintain fluid balance in the tissues and by absorbing fats from the intestines to transport back to the blood.  Unlike the circulatory system in which blood flows the lymphatic system in which lymph fluid flows doesn't have a pump and needs us to move in order to have the lymph fluid move, it relies on movement of your muscles to keep it flowing.  This means that if you lead a sedentary lifestyle your lymphatic fluid may not be flowing and your lymphatic system may be hampered, causing toxins and waste to build up within our bodies.

The more waste left in our system the harder our body has to work.  Our body is effectively running on a system of 'tubes' and 'fluid' so when toxins and waste clog these up we suffer!  Think of a river. When it is flowing it is clear and clean, when it is not flowing it begins to stagnate then it becomes a perfect home for bacteria and disease to build.  The Lymphatic system is no different.  At first it may be a sluggish feeling in the morning or a headache which we just can't seem to find the cause of.  Eventually it can cause much more serious issues within the body such as swelling, arthritis, skin disorders and more.

The Lymphatic system is designed for transportation and as such it needs to keep moving. There are fluids found between the cells or which actually seep out of the cells (intercellular fluid) which slowly begin to accumulate and must be returned to the cells and the blood stream. This is where the lymph system comes in; it gathers those fluids, checks it, filters it and then returns them to your blood via the subclavian veins just above the heart.  Thankfully there are many actions we can take in our lifestyle to help the Lymphatic system work better and ensure that it is doing its job.  In using preventative measures we can improve and promote our health and well-being while avoiding dis-ease in our bodies. As the Lymphatic system is important in this it makes sense to keep it flowing and healthy and it is important.

One great way is to have a Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage Massage which will work on the lymphatic system while allowing you to relax and de-stress.  This is a full treatment, taking around an hour, which focuses entirely on getting your lymph moving and clearing any build up by massaging the legs and feet.  This special technique reflects the movement of the lymphatic system through the body and it works by draining and filling one lymphatic reflex on your feet at a time to help the lymphatic system to maintain its vitality  Eventually the massage works up the body points on the feet to a final draining point into the thoracic duct point on the feet (between the big and second toe)  It is an excellent support and an effective way to maintain good health along with leaving you feeling more relaxed and lighter at the end of a session.  It is a very unique and special thing to have.

There are some cases where having a Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage Massage is not recommended however and these include: cases of cardiac or renal impairment, first trimester of pregnancy, cases of Deep Vein Thrombosis, having high or low blood pressure or if the foot if injured in any way.  If you are not quite ready to treat yourself to a reflexology lymphatic drainage routine or you feel that it isn't for you then there are many things you can do at home, in your everyday lives, to ensure that you are keeping a healthy lymphatic system which will help to have a good immune system too. 

Try some of the following everyday actions out:

Exercise– this will help to keep your lymphatic system flowing and moving as it ‘massages’ it into action

Good Food– a healthy diet means that less toxins and waste products end up in your system. Eating over processed, sugary foods may over load the lymphatic system.

Drink plenty of water– the body needs water to keep everything working properly, including the lymphatic system.

Deep breathing– this ensures that your cells are healthy and oxygenated along with stimulating the lymphatic system.

Dry brushing– long strokes towards your heart for around 5 mins before a shower will stimulate the lymphatic flow.

Herbal teas– they are great mixture of hydration, favour and medicine (depending on what you have).

Use natural beauty products– means less toxins coming into your system via the skin which gives the lymphatic system less of a load.

Wear loose clothing– this lets the lymphatic fluid flow where as tight clothing tends to slow the whole thing down.

If you are ready to experience the amazing feeling of a Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage Massage then I'd love to work with you.  As a preventative medicine, as a relaxation tool, as a way of giving love and attention and as a way of allowing people the space to find the healing power within themselves Reflexology, in my opinion, would be unequalled.  So jump into Spring with my $45 special and enjoy an hour of health, relaxation and calm by booking via e-mail or phone now.

Yossarian Fay is a qualified naturopath; reflexologist and teacher who works with busy people whose health and stress levels are stopping them from living life fully. She supports and empowers her clients to regain their health so they can live the life they want.  Her treatment rooms are in Kapiti.



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Posted: 1st September 2015
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